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Declare Your Independence from the Crony Political Establishment!

Joe Carr is the candidate that the 6th District needs to fight the DC establishment and win the day for every Tennessean that loves liberty, prosperity and security—he will fight the political establishment!

Joe is no stranger to standing up to party leadership, political insiders and pretenders. The establishment candidate got elected by telling faithful voters of the 6th district that they are true conservative, yet when party leadership demanded they betray their district and support their agenda, they “back-doored” the voters and joined forces with the K Street insiders—RINOs and Liberal Democrats.

The go-along, to-get-along days are over! Joe Carr will not sell out to the political establishment. Want proof? Ask his supporters when he was a TN State Rep. They will tell you that they could count on Joe on every vote. Joe wants to fight the DC establishment for you.

Like our Founders, Joe will not sit idly by and allow our state and country to be undermined by corrupt political insiders that seek power and riches. Declare your independence—Cast Your Vote for Sovereignty, Independence and Constitutional Conservatism—Vote for Joe Carr.  Carr4Congress.com
Stand Firm.

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